Moving to DC? Learn the Movers’ Checklist [Costs, Timeline & Process]

Moving to Washington DC

It is a life-changing decision to be moving to DC. The state is the nation’s capital and there are a lot of friendly people who live there. It would be best to hire a moving company to handle your moving process. The entire process will be made a whole lot easier if you do. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when hiring local movers DC though. Thus, it would be a great idea to make a checklist so you can keep all those things in mind.

Moving Costs

It would be great if they can give an obligation-free quote so you will know whether or not you will be able to afford their services. Once they give a quote, you will find out where your money goes. Also, you’ll find out if there are any hidden charges. As a paying customer, that is the last thing you would want to happen as you would only want to pay for what you want to get. Besides, there are a lot of other things to spend on when you are changing addresses to DC.

Moving Timeline

It would be awesome if the movers can give an estimated time of when they expect the task to be done. Besides, you would want to get this task over and done with as soon as possible. It is no secret there are a lot of things you need to take care of when you are changing addresses.

Other than moving stuff, you would need to change your mailing address in all your accounts. It is no secret you receive a lot of mail and it would be a shame if the important things go to the wrong address. The mailman won’t know where to deliver the important letters and it would just go to the wrong hands.

The Process

There are a lot of processes involved so the cheap movers must state each one so you will know. Besides, you are paying for their services so you have all the right to know what each one is. Believe it or not, it takes a lot of processes to get this thing done other than the moving process itself. That may be the only thing you will notice but there are a lot of other processes.

After they move your stuff, they may even follow up on whether or not you got everything. Of course, they will also be worried about all the things that they have transported.

Required Documents

There are a lot of documents you will sign so better keep an eye out on the terms and conditions of each one. Besides, you would not want to regret it when you already signed a document and you did not really agree to the terms of it. You have nobody else to blame but yourself. If you don’t know some terms on the documents, you must research the words on the internet. It is important that you clearly understand what each one means.


One of the things you must keep in mind is the safety of your things. Thus, better check what they will do in order to keep your personal belongings in one piece. The last thing you would want to happen is for your things to fall apart in pieces. If that happens, you will regret hiring the local movers.

Each moving company usually implements a bunch of things to keep the things they move in a safe condition. Besides, that should be their number one priority. If they have a lot of fragile items with them, they should not be in a hurry. The important thing is that all the things arrive there in one piece.

Final Word

Moving from one place to another is one tiring and exhausting task. Therefore, it would be a wonderful idea if you would get a moving company to assist you. It is not wise to hire a random company though because all of them bring something different to the table. This is one time when you must be patient because you would not want to hire a bad company for this task.

Remember, the movers should be better than you or else you could have done the entire thing yourself and save a lot of money too.